Bookies Odds & Predictions based on the first season of The X Factor in SAA's ROBLOX Roleplays.

Week 1 Bookies Odds Edit

Prior to the Week 1 Live Show, bookies odds were published to give an estimate on various statistics surrounding the X Factor Results.

As of prior to the week 1 performances, Xenia is the strong favourite to win the competition. Second in favourite to win is Oystein, proving he is still a contender in the race to win, and behind him are Danielle and Aleks. At the bottom of the odds are James N and Entertaining Glory, meaning their chances of claiming victory are slim.

The bookies odds on favourite to go first see Entertaining Glory as the strong favourite to be eliminated, meaning Halsey could be the first judge to lose one of her acts. However, potentially also in the danger zone are James N and Jake & Lauren, who could also end up hitting the bottom two.

Winning Category
1 Girls 50%
2 Boys 35%
3 Over 25's 10%
4 Groups 5%

First to be Eliminated
1 Entertaining Glory (Groups)
2 James N (Boys)
3 Jake & Lauren (Groups)
4 Margaret (Girls)
5 Scott (Over 25's)
6 James C (Over 25's)
7 Riley (Boys)
8 Danielle (Girls)
9 Aleks (Over 25's)
10 Les Deux Diamants (Groups)
11 Xenia (Girls)
12 Oystein (Boys)

First Category to Lose a Contestant
1 Groups 60%
2 Boys 25%
3 Over 25's 10%
4 Girls 5%