Rank Member (2016–17)
HR (2017–)
Seasons Competed 10
Seasons Won 3
Other HRs
Scott - Sophie - Dia - Jack

Tom, known on ROBLOX as XxSCopeMastERXx, is a member of SAA since June 2016 and is an HR in SAA since August 2017. He has competed in 7 Big Brother UK seasons, 3 Big Brother US seasons, overall 10 seasons.

Season History Edit

Show Season RP Name Result
Big Brother UK Did not participate from 1 to 7
8 Tommy Finalist (6th)
9 Danny Finalist (5th)
10 Landon Winner (1st)
11 Aaron Finalist (4th)
All Stars Landon (returned as an All Star, from 10) Finalist (4th)
12 Tris (as part of Kris & Tris) Finalist (3rd)
13 Aaron (returned as a Robbed Housemate, from 11) Winner (1st)
Did not participate from 14 to 15
Big Brother US Did not participate in 1
2 Wade Evicted (9th)
3 AJ Winner (1st)
Did not participate in 4
Over the Top Russell Evicted (5th)