Teddy was a housemate in BB12 who entered on Day 1, and was evicted on Day 26. (The Semi Final)

Early Life: Edit

Teddy was born in Padgate, Warrington in 1989, where he actually became a bit of a brainbox at GCSE, getting an A* In Catering. In 2012, he opened his pub business in Lymm, after a lengthy University course in Business and Catering. The pub, simply called 'The Station' as it was built near the old site of the station, still serves great food today!

Big Brother: Edit

It was announced in 2017 that Teddy would be taking part in BB12. He said in an interview that 'One of the regular lads told me that I would be a great contestant and so I had a think about it, and decided to sign up.' Teddy was often seen in the kitchen preparing some of his finest dishes for his fellow housemates. He was known for being quiet, his friendship with Kris and Tris (Which started off as a rivalry!) and for his rivalries with fellow housemates Jordan and Henry. He was also a peacemaker in the house, showing his love and compassion to the others often.

Some particularly prominent moments from Teddy include:

  • His row over his position in the house with Henry.
  • Being predicted the 'Secret Mole'.
  • Serving his recipes every breakfast, lunch and dinner!
  • Giving Trisha one of his cookery guides in the Holiday task.