Generalleia is a long time SAA player who is one of the many that participated in Big Brother 1 UK. Since then, she has competed in nearly every series of Big Brother UK and both Big Brother US as well as both seasons of The Slades. Furthermore, she is the only person in SAA to have more than one win overall. Winning up to 4 seasons of Big Brother. In 2015, she hosted two seasons of Succession.

Series HistoryEdit

Show No. RP Name Result
BBUK S1 Trinity Evicted - 6th Place
S2 Heather Winner
S3 Matt Evicted - 20th Place
S4 Violet Evicted - 13th Place
S5 Garnet Evicted - 13th Place
S6 Chastity Evicted - 8th Place
S7 Did Not Participate
S8 Heather Winning Mentor
BB9 Did Not Participate
BB10 Matt Evicted - 14th Place