Nickname Aluraily
Birth Date 16
Hometown Tokyo, Japan
Occupation Lawyer
Loyalties Trisha
Times Nominated 2
Season Big Brother 12
Place 2/19
Nominations Received 3
Days 28

Amira was a housemate in Big Brother 12. She entered slightly later than the originals as she entered on Day 5 during the live eviction, this was because of her having commitments on launch night. Throughout the series, Amira had a prominent role in the house; becoming close with other housemates such as Trisha and Abigail. All of whom launched the Big Brother protest against Jordan. Amira not only was an iconic house-mate but she was widely considered as the most robbed to ever be robbed. Losing by only five votes.  

Amira left the house as the runner-up, losing by only 0.8% to Matthew. Making it the tightest result in Big Brother history. Amira is considered one of the most iconic housemates of recent seasons of Big Brother.

Players History - Big Brother 12 Edit

Nominations HistoryEdit

Week Nominated Nominated By Final Position
1 Not in House
2 Ineligible Immune
3 Ineligible Banned
4 Ineligible Nominated
5 Kris & Tris
Jordan -
6 Jordan
Jordan -
7 Matthew
- Immune
8 No Nominations Nominated
9 No Nominations Runner-Up